Thank You Daylight Saving Time and a Weekend Recap


It's 7:38 in the morning and my kids are still sleeping. Hence me, on this here computer with a cup of coffee and sweet silence, writing to all of you.

Thank you Daylight Saving Time, thank you.

I hope all of you had a great weekend! We stayed up way too late Saturday night discussing the rules of Uno with our neighbors (playing some too) and reliving the music of our past. Fun was had by all!

One of said neighbors has been asking me to join her and our other neighbor on runs lately. I would've agreed sooner, but they go at 5:30 in the morning and that's a little extreme for me, except this morning I did it! I, Brittany Chaudhari, went on a run at 5:30 in the morning. It's a day we should all celebrate, with healthy food of course, because otherwise it would be counter-productive.

We also ran yesterday, which was exciting as well, but that run was in the afternoon so the most impressive thing about that was that I did it 30 minutes after eating Taco Bell. I'm pretty sure my taco was poking me in my belly the entire time saying "What the heck are you doing, lady?!" but I kept going and sweat my little red face off. This led to me immediately going inside, laying down on the couch under the fan with a glass of water and missing some of the boys' time on their first bicycles. When I regained consciousness I grabbed my camera and resumed to my crazy picture-taking ways.

So, here's where I stop rambling and show you some pictures. :)

Ready... Set... Race!

He's fierce. ;)
Daddy and Jackson playing with a mini kite.

The gator got stuck and Jayden had his younger(!) brother, Jackson get out to push. Anyone else see anything unfair about this? I have a feeling it's only the beginning. :)

After our playtime we grilled out with the neighbors and had a delicious dinner. Seriously, I'm SO thankful for these people. Not only do they cook great food, but then they motivate me to go run all of it off. It helps that they're nice too. :)


  1. Nana & Grandad are lovin' these posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My boys slept in this morning too!! It rocked!! I on the other hand decided to get up at 5:00am to blog....what was I thinking?! After listening to Jon Acuff at Blissdom, I am trying to follow his advice and be "selfish" in the morning instead of stealing time away from my kiddos!! So far, so good, but this is just day one & yes, I had to make an afternoon pot of coffee!! LOL!!

    So proud of you for running at 5:30 in the morning!! That's awesome!!

    p.s. Sorry for the long comment & Jackson & Parker have the same spiderman bike!! :)

  3. So proud of you for running! Way to go! Maybe you will inspire me to get back in to it! Right now this time change has me all screwed up! Haha! Love the boys on the gator and too funny that Jayden made Jackson push! LOL!


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