Faith, Family, Friends, and Coral Lipstick {aka Easter 2012}

My spirit was refreshed and my belly was filled which means Easter has come and gone, my friends.

As I mentioned in my vlog yesterday, we had a great weekend sharing some quality time with our friends, talking to the boys about how incredibly important the meaning of this holiday is to our family, and just breathing it all in for some rejuvenation. Being away from family on holidays like this always makes me sad, but our close friends and neighbors here in Southern Illinois have truly become our "family away from family," so being with them was the next best thing!

Saturday evening we had a cookout with several of our neighbors who all have kids around the same age as ours. The kids did an Easter egg hunt and played to their little hearts' content. Jayden learned how to climb trees from another little boy who was there and I think that was a pretty big highlight for him. I would show you pictures of all these things, except for the fact that I missed a large portion due to staying at the grocery store far too long. Later that evening we colored some Easter eggs with our friend, Elly. Actually, my friend and Elly's mom, Deana, colored the eggs while we watched, but she did a great job! :)

The kids did help dry the eggs after they were boiled.

Daddies being goofy with the kiddos

The boys' eggs
Elly wanted Jackson to jump to her. :)
After we got home we took some superhero stickers and boy-ified the eggs. 
We were a little tired by the end of it all. :)
We woke up super early on Sunday morning to attend the earliest church service I think I've ever been to, came home, relaxed a bit, and then walked over to our neighbor's house for Easter lunch. We stayed over there most the day so the guys could watch The Masters and the kiddos could play.

The Easter Bunny hid our colored eggs.
Jackson's were in the diaper cabinet that we no longer have to use! Yay for potty training! :)
Easter baskets, or buckets, in our case. The Easter bunny even brought a little something for Daddy.
Excited to see his basket!

He's a pretty cool dude. :)
Found his eggs!

Sweet brothers!

Loving on my boys and rockin' some coral lipstick.
Daddy and his two favorite little boys ever!
"Papa Joe" playing monster with the kiddos.

The obligatory Easter family photo. :)

Hope you guys had a great Easter and are having a great week!


  1. These photos are GREAT! I loooove the one of you with the boys. You look so pretty, friend. And the family photo is great too. ALSO - I loooove the pretty blue color in your kitchen. It looks so fresh and fun. A LITTLE jealous of all the natural light you get at your house!!! Happy Easter!!!

  2. Sorry that I'm just a little bit controlling and took over dying the eggs! It was still fun having you all there...I'll do better next time...maybe :) You look great in all your picturesby the way. I love the lipstick!

  3. Great pics!! And you were totally rocking that coral lipstick girl!!! Love it!! Glad you guys had a fun Easter!!


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