My Marathon Man

If you follow me on Twitter or we're Facebook friends then I'm sure you're well aware of how proud I have been of my hubby the last few days. It's true. He's kinda incredible.

That guy... He ran 26.2 miles on Saturday!

It wasn't his first time doing it and it wasn't even his best time doing it, but I was so ridiculously proud of him! Possibly because I'm currently training for a 5K, you know, 3.1 miles... 23.1 miles less than what he did on Saturday. And it's been stinkin' tough for me.

I mean, I'm always proud of him for his runs, and other things too, but this year the whole marathon thing just really impacted me.

As we approached a place where we would be able to catch Dipal twice during the race, one of those being at mile 26, we saw some of the first finishers of the marathon and it was so amazing. The toughness in their faces, the crazy muscles in their legs, some totally in the zone and focused on the prize, others throwing their hands up with the cheers of the crowd as they passed by. It was awesome. If you have never been to watch a marathon or been near the finish line, I highly suggest both, even if you don't know a single soul in the race. It'll make you want to go be unstoppable, after you wipe the tears away, of course.

I also couldn't help but think about what an amazing example it was for what life is suppose to be like. We're all running our own races. Sometimes we're up and feeling good and everything is smooth sailing, sometimes we're feeling the cramps, it gets hard to breathe, and we're doing everything we can to push to the finish without falling flat on our faces, and in either instance, it is so nice to have people standing by shouting, "You've got this! Great job, runner!"

And sometimes, you might even have someone who's been there before jump in and run alongside of you to see you finish strong like Dave Ramsey did for vlogger Shaycarl who had been a guest on his radio show the day before the race. To my understanding, Dave had already run the half marathon portion of the race, but then jumped in alongside Shaycarl as he was finishing the marathon. I'm just now learning about Shaycarl and his story, but I believe he followed Dave's plan to become debt-free and as he did, other things started falling into place as well, like his health. Even more reason why I love this picture of the two of them.

To all the runners of The St. Jude Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon I say a big huge congrats!! You guys are inspiring and I really hope to be there with you next year running the half!

And to my real-life racemate, 

You're not only a running rockstar...

but an amazing hubby...

and father...

And we are SO proud of and thankful for how hard you work for our family and the ways you take care of us, motivate us, and push us to be better!

P.S. You totally "owned" that race. You're welcome! ;)

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