My own Personal Version of the 'Hunger Games'

Did you join in on the hype known as "The Hunger Games"? It took me a while to get on board, but I eventually read the first book, liked it, saw the movie, loved it, and am hoping to start the second book of the series, "Catching Fire," soon. {Which means whenever I get enough stuff marked off my to-do list to sit down and read without feeling guilty.}

I don't want to spoil it for any of you who may not have read it yet so I won't go into major details of the story, but it involves a futuristic world made up of districts that each must send one boy and one girl to represent their people in the annual Hunger Games. These representatives must fight to the death until there is only one winner, which the government uses to remind the people that they are in control and there is no hope of rebellion.

Super awesome that this isn't exactly how things work these days, right?! However, I've been fighting my own little battle for the last few years and when texting a friend yesterday jokingly called it "our own personal version of the 'Hunger Games.'"

"The Hunger Hunger Games" :)
                                                                          Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

You see, sometimes I tend to become a little bit of a foodaholic.

Ok, that's probably a little extreme, but I do like to eat. For the longest time I was one of "the lucky ones" who could eat whatever I wanted and see little to no consequence. And then I had kids, two precious little boys to be exact. With my first pregnancy my short little 5'1ish stature gained about 50 pounds! While a good amount of that dropped off quickly after giving birth, those last 25 pounds decided to hang around like they owned the place. By the time I realized it was going to take intense work to get those pounds off I was pregnant with my second baby {Yep, they're only 17 months apart}. During my second pregnancy I gained only 25 pounds, but remember, I still hadn't lost those pesky 25 pounds from the first pregnancy. My youngest is about to turn 3 and those last 25 pounds are still hanging out, and further more, I think they started inviting some of their fat friends. Totally a party I am not digging. I've tried depending on myself to eat healthy and exercise - eating better and training for my first 5K run led to a 10 pound weight drop, but once I got burnt out I gained it all back plus a couple. This is probably when it was the most clear to me that my days of eating whatever I wanted with no affect were over, so I did what any responsible foodaholic would do, gave up. If I wanted a Dairy Queen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard, by golly I would get one. Stressed out and feel like baking some homemade snickerdoodles? For sure. My tooth is totally sweet.

Then, one rare day while I was in bed with the flu I was flipping through the morning news shows when I landed on Good Morning America and the hunky Cameron Mathison talking about The 17 Day Diet {You can watch the same video I watched that morning here: GMA ~ 17 Day Diet}. They totally reeled me in, specifically when interviewing a mom of three who had lost 36 pounds in 4 months, 13 of those in her first 17 days. She had tried several other diets, but always gained the weight back. This time she felt like she had a lifestyle change she could stick with and that's what I wanted. I knew that if I was going to lose the weight and keep it off I needed to make a lifestyle change, not just go on a "diet." That afternoon I ordered the book and researched every possible thing I could find on the internet about The 17 Day Diet. I even texted a friend about it and she decided to do it with me.

Here are some of the things that appealed to me about the The 17 Day Diet:
  1. 17 Day Cycles - I'm willing to try {almost} anything for 17 days if it will benefit me. It almost sounds like a money back guarantee. If it didn't work after 17 days I could always return to my old habits {and fattiness}.
  2. You're only asked to exercise for 17 minutes a day in the beginning, and walk at that. A 17 minute walk sounds so much more doable to a busy mom than a 30 minute walk, but FYI, since we've started the diet every walk has been 30 minutes or more. {Kudos to Dr. Moreno for coming up with the magic number 17. It really does make everything seem more doable.}
  3. The 17 Day Diet involved doing things I would like to do anyway, like removing processed foods and unnecessary sugars. I want to take care of my family and feed them things that are healthy and I felt like this would get us on the right track to healthy habits.

The book and the author, Dr. Mike Moreno

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about how I was getting back into the 17 Day Diet, but unfortunately that was short-lived. So this past weekend I had a chat with my friend and we decided we are getting down to business. We're going to take this seriously and get ourselves to a place that we're happy with! I can tell you from experience that this diet works, but like any other lifestyle change, only YOU are the one who can determine whether it's ultimately successful or not.

May the odds be ever in our favor! ;)

**If you're interested in the 17 Day Diet I encourage you to research it and see if it's for you. Check out the link I shared above to the video and read the first chapter of the book here.


  1. You can do it Brit!!

    p.s. I am so glad you read The Hunger Games!! In my opinion, the second book is just as good as the first too!! I have the third book, but haven't started it yet! Waiting for a good time!! Bobby & I are going to Chicago the first week of May & I am planning on taking it with me!

  2. I so know what you mean! My days of eating whatever I want haven't exactly vanished, but they need to because my body can't handle it anymore! It helps to read posts like this and know other women and are working toward the same thing. Also, read Catching Fire! It's awesome! Btw, I'm really glad I came across your blog. Hope you'll come visit mine too!


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