Stop and Smell the Roses: {Kinda} Healthy Food Edition

It's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta link up on Wednesday! {Just imagine that to the tune of Rebecca Black's Friday. You're welcome.} :)

Today I'm sharing a couple of things I'm loving. One is a little something that is one of my favorite eats while doing the 17 Day Diet {Don't I look super excited to be holding a container of yogurt in that video thumbnail down there?}, the other is something my boys are loving, but {shhh!} don't tell them it's the least bit healthy or they might lose all interest!

Stop and Smell the Roses

Hope you guys are having a great week! If you have something that makes your heart smile why don't you film a little vlog and share it with the rest of us? You can do so over at House of Rose, and when you're finished take some time to check out all the other vlogs. It's a great way to spend your day avoiding all those boring things on your to-do list! ;)

Happy Wednesday, peeps!


  1. YAY for healthy lifestyle changes! I hope you continue to feel great :) I love that you called it lifestyle changes- I always say it's not a diet, it's just a healthy lifestyle. I'm not sure if you like Greek yogurt...I feel like people either love it or hate it...but it's a super healthy option, too! I just buy plain and love to add my own berries and nuts. Raspberries and pistachios are my favorite add ins!

    P.S. The Who-Nu commercial song gets into my head ALL THE TIME :)

  2. Good luck with your "lifestyle change"!! I know you will kick this diet's butt!!! I will look into the yogurt, because you know I am always looking for low carb snacks!! And your right, so many of the yogurts are high in carbs!!

    Also going to look into those cookies...Parker & Griffin both love oreos!! If I can sneak in a healthier version, I am all about that!!

  3. Yay for great changes! I wish I loved yogurt, it would be such a great snack, and lifestyle changes are so important :)

  4. Girlfriend...I think we were on the same wave length today talking about lifestyle changes and fitness. Isn't it SO HARD to change old habits? And all joking aside...I thought you seemed very excited about that yogurt, maybe because when we are starving ourselves, any food tastes awesome. haha! Great blog sweetie!

  5. I really need to find these cookies because my kids eat so darn unhealthy (especially at gigi's) and I am desperate for healthy options. Did you just get them at Kroger/Walmart? That is awesome that you are making some lifestyle changes! I started working out/eating better too and I feel so much better. Don't you just love the extra energy you have?

  6. Yay for your lifestyle change! That's so exciting! I've recently adopted a new one myself, and funnily enough it involves low-cal yogurt! Ha! I'm interested to see whether or not England stocks that particular brand (I LOVE raspberry and white chocolate stuff, YUM!)but if it doesn't I have something to look forward to when I return to the states in July! :)

    Another great blog, you're adorable, and I can't wait for next weeks! :) xoxo

  7. Yay for probiotics! I actually intern for a gastroenterologist who just wrote a brand new book about probiotics! Here is the blog and you can find the book here It's very interesting stuff and I'm glad you are familiar with them!

    P.S. I hope I'm not coming off as being too "salesperson'ish!" I'm just so excited to see that people know about probiotics!

  8. Good for you! Processed sugars = so so bad for you. Michael and I have gone back and forth about this but he has been forced to face the truth lately because of some drs visits. Surprise, surprise the doctorS (plural) all told him I am right. No more cokes!

  9. This is awesome!!!! I've never heard of the 17 day diet before this and now I am researching it and I am sooo excited to try and make the same changes you have!! I love that you call it a lifestyle change because you are totally right!! Great vlog!!

  10. Those cookies are good. Munchkin, our nephew, couldn't tell they were oreos either.


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