Picture-bration {A Weekend Recap}

Our big weekend of celebrations has come and gone! Between a graduation, birthdays, Mother's Day, and lots of family time we had an absolute blast! And of course, in typical me fashion I snapped a ton of pictures between my phone and camera, and I'm deeming them as our "picture-bration." Enjoy! :)

We started early Friday morning, which also happened to be my birthday, with a trip to Knoxville for my husband's cousin's graduation from our alma mater, the fabulous University of Tennessee. I've been avoiding Starbucks due to my diet, but made an exception for a birthday treat. :)


Too cool to have to sit through all those names... :)

Hulk joined us at graduation. :)

Love that Rima and her friend, Lucia, showed up in the same dress to their graduation! Totally a coincidence!

The family in front of the Torchbearer.

Proud of my Zeta sister!!

Moving on...

So, wondering if I stuck to my diet through all of this fun? Kinda! I had these delicious shrimp fajitas for lunch, but only had one tortilla. Not too shabby!

That girl... She clued the servers in that it was my birthday and they decided to cream me... I got a free little dessert out of it so I'm not complaining. :)

And I also had a free slice of my absolute favorite cookie cake from Great American Cookie Co. because they do cool stuff like that for you on your birthday. It was huge, and due to my lack of sugar eating lately I totally had a sugar crash afterwards, but it was delicious!

We did a little shopping and then met up with my sweet friend, Melinda, and her baby girl who is about to turn the big O-N-E!!

And then we had some Chick-fil-a where I had my first experience with grilled nuggets and Chick-fil-a sauce... Both delicious! {Especially the nuggets!!}

For dinner we met up with this guy! He just happens to be my very cool grandfather. We like to call him Pops. :)

After dinner we ran over to meet with some other people we love, Ms. Joy and her sweet family. Her son was playing in a baseball tournament where we watched his team come back from an 8-1 score to win the game 9-8. It was pretty great! The boys love Ms. Joy's son, who we call Buddy!

And they also love that Ms. Joy spoils them with fun things like Fun Dip! :)

We took Saturday pretty easy after such an eventful Friday!

We went out for some dinner where I was promised thrilling times ahead. ;)

Then we went home to some family time and birthday cake from our favorite hometown bakery!

Jackson's Birthday and Mother's Day!

We took a trip to Olive Garden after church to celebrate. {Yes! More celebrating!} I was going to stick to my diet... And then I saw my favorite OG dish, Shrimp and Crab Tortelli Romana. So I had it and it was awesome with a glass of Raspberry sweet tea with lime, a breadstick, and some salad. Yum!!


Our precious birthday boy, now a big three years old!!

Me with my boys on Mother's Day. I kinda love them... :)

My sweet sister!

Despite my diet cheating at lunch she was still trying to tempt me to cheat even more with some chocolate icing. Evil I tell ya!! ;)

Jackson talking to his friend Elly on the phone as she wished him a happy birthday. Too precious!!

We also had a chance to stop at my dad's and deliver gifts and hang out for a bit which was short, but great, nonetheless! Today is the last official day of celebrations ending with my hubby and my dad's birthdays, so a big happy birthday to them!! We'll finish off the week with Jackson's party, which I can't wait to share with everyone! I'm having lots of fun prepping for it!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I am SO glad you had such a fun/eventful birthday. And I am SO glad I got to see you!!! Totally made my day! And you seriously look AMAZING! All of your running/healthy eating is paying off BIG TIME! Love you much and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!

  2. Those shrimp fajitas look fantastic!

  3. It sounds like you had a busy and fantastic weekend! Happy belated birthday!


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