Stop and Smell the Roses: A Weekend to Celebrate!

Hi friends!

I am feeling oh-so-behind today as it has continued to be busy, busy, busy around here lately! We're in the middle of getting ready for Jackson's birthday bash, some travels, and other fun festivities! I haven't even watched the vlogs from last week, so if you get comments in the next few days on your week old Stop and Smell the Roses vlogs don't judge, mmmkay?! :)

I'm linking this little ol' vlog up with Mandy from House of Rose again for Stop and Smell the Roses - a time where we stop and vlog about something we're thankful for or loving. Check it out and join us!

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. So exciting that you get to go home and be with your family for your birthday AND mother's day!!! Hope you guys have a blast!!

  2. Ha we sported the same look this week :)What an exciting weekend for you! Hope you have a fabulous time and Mother's Day!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time in Tennessee this weekend!! What an awesome way to spend Mother's day!! Not only are you gonna be with your momma, but is also Jackson's birthday?! So fun!! I don't know how much weight you are down, but you are looking fabulous girl!! Your hard work is paying off!!

    Safe Travels!! Love ya!!

  4. So glad you get to spend Mother's Day with your momma! Have a great trip! I didn't know you pretty much ALL had birthday's so close to each other! That's a ton of celebrating girl! ps I think you look awesome in this video!


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