17 Day Diet Check-In {End of Cycle 3!!}

This is it, y'all!!

I made it through a complete round of the 17 Day Diet and it's starting to get all Katniss Everdeen up in here!

51 days and 3 cycles later I now know what it feels like to follow through with the 17 Day Diet and I am so excited! Excited because I stuck with it, set my eyes on a goal, and accomplished it... It's a great feeling!

However, by looking at the numbers alone I've been a little disappointed. My weight loss really plateaued recently and hasn't really budged. But this is where I tell you not to watch your weight alone, peeps! I so wish I had kept up with how many inches I've lost, but I haven't. It can be discouraging not to see the numbers on the scale moving as fast as you like, but you've got to remember that as long as you're exercising you are burning calories and you are making a positive impact on your body!

Because the scale hadn't really moved much, I wasn't expecting to see a big difference in my comparison pictures from finishing cycle 2 to finishing cycle 3, so imagine my happiness when I saw the pictures below!

I am so stinkin' happy with the changes that are taking place, and I still have some weight I would like to see come off, so I'm not stopping any time soon! There is something so different in me this time around that has had the last straw with this weight issue, and I'm going to keep on pushing.

And incase you're curious about the numbers I've been complaining talking about, here they are:

After finishing the third {Also known as the Achieve} cycle of the 17 Day Diet I have lost 1.8 pounds for a grand total of 11.8 pounds!

Along with following the 17 Day Diet I've also been following a 5K running plan, which I've now completed, so I'm just continuing to add a little more time to my run every week until I figure out what I'm going to do. During the Achieve cycle I also added in the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD which has began to make a lovely difference in my arms, and I'm thinking might also be the culprit for not seeing as much weight loss since I've most likely been gaining muscle.

Not going to lie... It's been fun brushing my hair and noticing this in the mirror! ;)

A big thank you to Jillian for that!

So, now what?! Now I start all over at the beginning for round 2! I'm toning down my workouts a tad since my calorie level will be low and starting fresh with cycle 1. Cycle 1 is usually where you see the most weight loss, so I'm curious to see what the next 17 days bring.

Bring it on, 17 Day Diet! Bring it on!! :)

If you're curious to see past 17 Day Diet posts you can go here! That's where you'll find me explaining why I chose the 17 Day Diet, some of my favorite snacks, and past check-ins.

Also, if you're finding me through searches for 17 Day Diet info I want to say a big thank you for checking out the blog! I would love for you to join along in the journey and hopefully we can use this as a tool to encourage each other and see change!


  1. Brittany you look so great! Keep up the good work! :)
    My Mom is also doing the 17 Day Diet, she is about half way through it. I'm going to see if she will take some pictures also, they are great motivators!
    Wish you the best!

  2. This is awesome! And your pictures look great, you can definitely tell a difference! Keep up the great work girl!

  3. Girl, I am SO proud of you...and you look awesome!!! Isn't it great to see differences as time goes on? Within the past few months, I started running again and doing crossfit and changed my eating habits...and I can absolutely tell a difference. Clothes fit better, I feel better...yay for us! Continuing to keep you in my thoughts as you go thru this journey!! :)

  4. Hey there! You don't know me but I know your neighbor and actually when they bought my couch from me, your husband came and helped them move it out and I even think one of your little fellas came with. Small world huh? Anyway, I just want to say that I think you are the cutest thing ever and I am inspired by your strong will to stick to this diet. I am terrible at diets! TERRIBLE! Keep up all your hard work, by the looks of the pics, it is definately paying off.

  5. You are looking so good! Great job!

  6. Keep at it; I lost 45 lbs from April to August last year!


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