Jackson's Backyard Birthday Bash ~ A Disney Cars Birthday Party!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I love throwing a good party!!

So much so, that a couple of good friends and I have even entertained the idea of starting our own little business of party planning. We all have different talents that would complement each other, and despite one of those friends moving away recently I totally haven't given up on this idea.

I love everything about party planning - the freedom of creativity, the togetherness of friends and family, and most of all, putting special attention on whatever reason it is that the celebration is taking place.

The latest celebration in the Cha Cha household was the birthday of our bright-eyed, gorgeous smile-faced Jackson as he turned three. Oh, this child! He is such an amazing piece of our little family and I wanted to do something for him that would bring that big smile of his to his face, and possibly coat it with a little yummy frosting. :)

{Enter Cars Birthday Party Celebration!}

One of Jackson's greatest loves is the Disney Pixar movie Cars. Lightning McQueen and the gang make my little guy's heart happy, so there was no doubt that we would be having a Cars party, but can I be honest with you guys? I'm just not into commercialized parties. I wanted to do something a little nicer, but that still incorporated the Cars theme, so here's what I came up with!


We started with invitations that I made using Photoshop Elements. Jackson's favorite song is the Rascal Flatts version of "Life is a Highway" used in the first Cars movie, so that gave me great inspiration for the direction I wanted the invitation to go. I found the Magneto font here and the Lightning McQueen vector image {for free!} here.


My next task was making a cardboard Lightning McQueen, an idea I got from this Cars party as shown on How Does She. There's a blueprint for making these cars shown here, but it doesn't give any instructions, so I just kinda eye-balled everything. I took pictures as I made it so I can hopefully share a more detailed tutorial in the near future!

I really would've loved to have made several cardboard cars, but when it came down to the last minute details I just didn't have time to make and paint that many. One car was enough for us since we had other activities for the kids to do.

We also had a kiddie pool, sprinklers, water guns, and a slip n' slide for all the kiddos to play with, but I'm not going to lie, the adults might've had just as much fun! My husband and I might or might not have had a race on the slip n' slide... And he might or might not have only won because he's a whole foot taller then me... But I'm not a sore loser or anything. ;)



Most of my snack ideas came from inspiration found through Pinterest. {You can see my Pinterest board for this party here.} I was pretty proud of my "Catch ya Later Suckers" though! :) I found the Cars fruit snacks at Walmart, the red and black lollipops at Party City, the Cars Cheez-Its at Kroger, the Cars Juicy Juice boxes at Target, and the Turbo Dust Sour Candy Straws at The Dollar Store. I also found the basket for the "Pitstop Popcorn" at The Dollar Store and made the popcorn cones using scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and this tutorial. The gas display case for the juice came from my neighbor's yard sale a couple of weeks before the party. {Score!!} I made all the food labels using Photoshop Elements and this image for the background.


I always like to have cupcakes to give a different option than cake, but I like to make them myself because they're easy and a little cheaper that way. I made the super yummy buttercream frosting myself using this recipe and it was so good! Like, my neighbor and I were licking the bowl at midnight the night before the party good! I got the idea to put the cupcakes on a race track here. I bought the checkered flag picks at a local party store and made the others by placing stickers I bought at Walmart back to back over toothpicks.

I used these checkered cupcake liners I found at Party City and was so excited about them matching the theme, but also adding a pop of color. Unfortunately, after baking the cupcakes you could barely see the color of the liners, so if you choose to use these I would bake the cupcakes in a separate liner and add these on after baking.


I had the cake made by a local bakery in town. I've been pretty happy with them in the past and this time was no exception. I do want to recommend that when you're working with someone to make your cake that you are very open and clear about what you want done so you don't end up disappointed. That meant me going into the bakery twice because I just didn't leave feeling confident about what they were going to do the first time.


Decorating is one of my favorite parts of party planning! The wind was definitely working against me the day of the party, {As you can see by the pushed-up table cloth} but we made the best of it. I found the black and white checkered table cloth, plates, napkins, and flags at Hobby Lobby. I made the tissue paper pom-poms using 10 pieces of tissue paper per pom-pom and this tutorial. I made the Lightning McQueen paper fan flower using scrapbook paper, a Lightning McQueen pop-up sticker I found in the gift wrap section at Walmart, and this tutorial.

The banner was made using scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, my cricut machine with the George font cartridge, and a little help from a sweet friend.


Every good party needs some background music to set the mood! Below are some of the songs we made part of our playlist for our bash. All the songs are either from one of the Cars movies, car related, or celebration related.

Food, decor, and music aside, what made this backyard birthday bash the biggest success was that our little Jackson had a blast celebrating! And now we have one happy three year old on our hands. :)

Also, definitely want to name drop a couple of blogs that were inspiring as I planned this party:

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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  1. Hi There, Belated happy birthday to Jackson. I lovd the theme of cars and all the beautiful decor and ideas...I can't wait to have a kids party like this. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!


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