Some Random Thoughts for a Monday

I have an itch to write today, but no deep emotional thoughts coming to mind, so I thought I would just share what's on my mind...

~ My mom, stepdad, brother, and sister all came to visit this weekend and it went by way too quick! Fortunately, my brother and sister are staying a few more days and I'm looking forward to having some fun with them! {You can see where my sister blog hacked me yesterday here.} :)

~ I'm an official Olympics addict! I went from someone who never watched TV to someone who needs the TV on every second the Olympics is on. And I want someone to teach me to swim like the pros. They make it look like amazing fun. {And it wouldn't hurt to have their toned bodies!}

~ Speaking of toning, I'm back to running as of today! Happy to report no knee pain after this morning's trip out. I was suppose to start Insanity month 2 today, but was really missing my runs and wanted to make sure I could still do a 5K before I do The Color Run in just a few weeks!

~ I am SO excited about The Color Run!!

~ In other news, I'm super seriously considering the idea of attending my very first blogging conference! It's something that I've been wanting to do for literally years now, but haven't felt like I was in the right place in my life. While praying a couple of weeks ago I really felt like The Allume Conference was somewhere I'm suppose to be. If it's God's will I know that it will all work out, but I still need to do my part too. Would you say a prayer that God will guide me as we work out details, specifically finances? Blogging conferences aren't cheap.

Hope you all have a great week!

Brittany has been hacked. ;)

Sorry to disappoint but I am not Brittany. I am Emmie, her sister! I absolutely love her. She is an amazing and hilarious person to be around. And I have so many good memories to tell. Maybe even some embarrassing ones, I mean it's Brittany c'mon. 

She loves the Vols and always has, which is actually the reason I like them. If she wasn't so enthusiastic about the Vols I don't think I would really care. She promised me about two or three years ago we would make a music video... there has been no making of a music video since then. Sooo, since I'm staying with her till school starts I plan to make it happen! The video will be up here and if it's not, you should know she broke her promise.

Aside from failed attemps of music videos we have spent a lot of time together. Her favorite singing group as a teenager was NSYNC. But she always sang this one Rod Stewart song... "Have I told you lately that I love you..." Well every time I answered the phone I'd hear her start singing it. And last year Brittany, Jayden, and Jackson left me a voicemail singing "You are my sunshine my only sunshine..." I still have that voicemail saved.

I have a shirt that my mom had when she was my age that got passed down to Britt, then to me. We pretty much have the same style and choice of words. She always says things I would say in the same order. My friend had noticed that when she visited. People also tell me and Brittany we look a lot alike. In the picture of us matching I don't think we do, but other than that picture.. I would say twins. 

Well I let her of the hook with no embarrassing stories... this time. 

Brittany.... Have I told you lately that I love you?
-Emmie Faith <3

InstaFriday: Our Life Through the Eyes of Instagram

I've been doing the Instagram thing for a while now, but only recently have I started to have a sincere love/slight addiction to it.

It all started with some of my family going to NYC last week - one of my absolute favorite places. My sister was great about posting pics of what they were doing on Instagram, so I found myself constantly checking for new pictures to vicariously live through.

So when I saw that my friend Mandy had an InstaFriday post up this afternoon I thought that was just an awesome idea of a way to get fun pics up on the blog for a little more permanent documentation.

Here's what our life looks like through the eyes of Instagram {and a few bonus pics that should've been on Instagram} this week...

Last Friday we went to our first St. Louis Cardinals game of the season and it was fun, but oh my goodness, HOT!! We were constantly downing water and thankfully the Cards crew had little cups with water available throughout the stadium. The boys and Mommy were super thankful!

Before leaving the boys really wanted their picture with a baseball player statue, so we let them pick one out and snapped away. They chose Stan Musial. {Great pick!} :)

On our way out to the movies on Saturday I spotted this thing next to our car. {Yuck!} I've heard crawfish exist in Southern Illinois, seen holes dug supposedly by them, but never seen an actual one. And now I have fears of them trying to get into my home. Ick!!!

The boys had been begging to go see The Amazing Spiderman and after checking out reviews I decided to go ahead and give them the ok. They were SO excited and have told us all week how much they loved it.

Our good friends Dan and Amanda came to spend the weekend with us and we were so grateful for that time with them! The boys love Uncle Dan and Aunt Manna!

I found myself craving green tea one afternoon rather than the usual chocolate/sweets cravings I get. This is big, people. Real big.

I was lucky enough to have my 4 year old, Jayden, fall asleep in my arms for a little afternoon snooze this week. The older he gets the less this happens so I try to soak it in every chance I get!

Jayden also had an appointment to get his teeth cleaned this week and handled it like a champ! Cool shades and a TV to watch helped, but I wasn't surprised in the least. He's cool like that. :)

And that's it! Our life as seen by Instagram {+ a couple of extras}. If you're an Instagram junkie like me feel free to follow me at @BrittanyHC!

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Have a great weekend!

Stop and Smell the Roses: I might just be insane! :)

Stop and Smell the Roses 
 Hi guys!! Been a while, no?!

I've been going through that whole "To blog or not to blog" question again because as most of you stay-at-home moms may know, it's hard to keep up with when you're taking care of two little ones! I never want to be spending time on the computer that could make my boys feel unimportant or neglected, so I try to be careful with how I spend my time and lately it's been hard to fit blogging in. {On that note... Those of you who blog and have kiddos at home - How do you make it work? I would love to hear your advice!}

One reason it's been hard is because of a new little exercise routine I've started that takes about an hour of my morning 6 days a week. It might be making me just a bit crazy, but in a good way! :)

{Please excuse my nasally voice as I'm battling it out with some not-so-nice allergies these days...}

So there you have it! Some one-on-one time with Shaun T. and the Insanity crew is making me smile this week! Hope you guys are having a great week! Make sure you check out all the other vlogs over at House of Rose!


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