Brittany has been hacked. ;)

Sorry to disappoint but I am not Brittany. I am Emmie, her sister! I absolutely love her. She is an amazing and hilarious person to be around. And I have so many good memories to tell. Maybe even some embarrassing ones, I mean it's Brittany c'mon. 

She loves the Vols and always has, which is actually the reason I like them. If she wasn't so enthusiastic about the Vols I don't think I would really care. She promised me about two or three years ago we would make a music video... there has been no making of a music video since then. Sooo, since I'm staying with her till school starts I plan to make it happen! The video will be up here and if it's not, you should know she broke her promise.

Aside from failed attemps of music videos we have spent a lot of time together. Her favorite singing group as a teenager was NSYNC. But she always sang this one Rod Stewart song... "Have I told you lately that I love you..." Well every time I answered the phone I'd hear her start singing it. And last year Brittany, Jayden, and Jackson left me a voicemail singing "You are my sunshine my only sunshine..." I still have that voicemail saved.

I have a shirt that my mom had when she was my age that got passed down to Britt, then to me. We pretty much have the same style and choice of words. She always says things I would say in the same order. My friend had noticed that when she visited. People also tell me and Brittany we look a lot alike. In the picture of us matching I don't think we do, but other than that picture.. I would say twins. 

Well I let her of the hook with no embarrassing stories... this time. 

Brittany.... Have I told you lately that I love you?
-Emmie Faith <3

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