Stop and Smell the Roses: I might just be insane! :)

Stop and Smell the Roses 
 Hi guys!! Been a while, no?!

I've been going through that whole "To blog or not to blog" question again because as most of you stay-at-home moms may know, it's hard to keep up with when you're taking care of two little ones! I never want to be spending time on the computer that could make my boys feel unimportant or neglected, so I try to be careful with how I spend my time and lately it's been hard to fit blogging in. {On that note... Those of you who blog and have kiddos at home - How do you make it work? I would love to hear your advice!}

One reason it's been hard is because of a new little exercise routine I've started that takes about an hour of my morning 6 days a week. It might be making me just a bit crazy, but in a good way! :)

{Please excuse my nasally voice as I'm battling it out with some not-so-nice allergies these days...}

So there you have it! Some one-on-one time with Shaun T. and the Insanity crew is making me smile this week! Hope you guys are having a great week! Make sure you check out all the other vlogs over at House of Rose!


  1. Brittany, you look so great! You can really tell your hard work is paying off because you've thinned right down!! Way to go, girlfriend! High five! I'm sorry your knee has been bothering you, that's such a bummer! But I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hopefully come the time for your 5k all will be well :)

    I hadn't heard of Insanity until now but I'm intrigued? I was doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and nearly died haha but it felt so great afterword. I might attempt this as I really need to get back into my exercise swing of things again and I'm always looking for new routines! :)

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  2. I feel the same about setting a great example for my boys. We try to do an official 5k once a month as a family. I love it when we are able to run with the boys in the jogger. I've heard about Insanity and am really curious about it. I'll have to check it out.

  3. Just love listening to you talk... Nasally voice and all... ;) Seriously though girl, I do! I've heard a lot about these Insanity work outs and I'd really like to try it out as running is hard on my joints as well. Hope you had a great Wednesday! Lots of love! xoxox :)

  4. So glad to see you back this week and you do like mighty FAB my friend! Your hard work is paying off! Now...if you can do Insanity...YOU CAN DO CROSSFIT! I am dragging you there soon so beware! :)

  5. Glad to see you back! Good luck with your 5k! We'll have to swap running stories sometime. Good luck with Insanity!

  6. Brittany...I only get to see you on the blog...but I can TOTALLY tell that your body is changing. You look FANTASTIC!!!! I am so impressed by how hard you are working and how dedicated you have been. It's really motivating :-) And good luck with your 5K!!! You will do fantastic. I would love to run one with you sometime!!! SASTR 5K!! Woohoo!

  7. I'm so glad that I found you via SASTR today and am officially following! As a mom of now TWO boys, I understand how difficult it is to juggle your time between them and blogging! I find myself doing much of it after the boys go to bed (or in between nursing sessions with the baby!) It's not ideal, but for now? It works!

  8. You go girl!! I have seen the insanity workouts on TV & I have been intrigued, but yet to make the jump! I so need to get back to doing something again!! I was doing so good for a while & then ended up sick & totally got out of my exercise routine!! Not gonna lie...every time I think about going outside to walk/run right now I think about how miserably hot it will be!! Can't wait for the weather to cool off...maybe that will motivate me to start moving!!!

    p.s. On the whole blogging thing....I have been doing this for a year & a half now & I honestly don't have the answer!! Let me know if you get any good tips!!

    p.s.s. Miss ya & love ya girl!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!


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