Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is here, which yes, is a day to celebrate the working man, but for me also represents the beginning of fall! I don't know about you guys, but I am so ready for the crisp autumn air, football, creamy pumpkin candles, and boots... Oh, how I've missed wearing my boots!

We started the weekend by watching our Vols kick off the football season with a fabulous win over NC State on Friday evening. Of course, the one Friday night we actually wanted to watch TV Hurricane Isaac kept knocking the satellite out, but we watched most the game none-the-less. Watching the game made me absolutely giddy about making it down to Neyland Stadium in a couple of weeks!

We also had family in town this weekend and decided to do a little shopping on Saturday. I love getting my candles from Bath and Body Works and they were on sale this weekend. I couldn't wait to get those home and lit to get the smell of fall in our home. I also pulled out my homemade wreath, re-glued some parts that had come apart while it was stored away, and got it up on the door.

I never thought I would be so excited about the changing of seasons, especially because as long as I can remember summer has always been my favorite, but the older I get the more I appreciate fall and everything that comes along with it. Taking a run in the hot and humid air this morning was just one more reminder that fall can't some soon enough.

Hope you guys have had a great weekend enjoying the end of summer and taking an extra day to relax!

Happy Labor Day!!

{Anyone else as excited for fall as I am?!} :)

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  1. I'm totally with you on the BBW candles. I hope you all are having a great Labor Day! :)


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