Afraid {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday 

How many times have I opened up this white page to write with no words making it to the screen? This desire to write, one that had been long lost for so much time, resurfaced as a new mom simply wanting to connect with her family from afar. Then, suddenly the internet boomed with mommy blogs, decorating blogs, whatever you could ever imagine blogs, and I wanted to be apart of it. Could this be the path God has laid out for me? Will this be how he uses me? But what if I'm wrong? How do I know this is my purpose? Why isn't this easier if it's what I'm called to be doing?

I'm simply afraid.

I'm afraid to invest time in something that could embarrass me. What if I fail? What if I never measure up to the others who have so diligently been writing during my years of fear? I'm so far behind now. What if I embarrass my family? Will my children think I'm crazy when they grow up and read the words I wrote during their toddler years? How can I love something so much, yet be so afraid to do it?


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