What Does a Perfect "Normal" Day Look Like?

My Erin Condren planner that I love, but am still learning to use efficiently.

Seriously, inquiring minds would like to know. How do you do what you do well everyday?

Now, I know that days that truly feel perfect, the ones where you mark everything off your to-do list plus some, are few and far between, but when you do have days like that, how do you do it? What is your thought process? What does your routine look like?

I feel like this has been something I've been trying to master for years now, but staying well-disciplined in the mundane (Read: Housework) is not my forte, so it's a constant battle. Obviously, a lot of people feel this way because there are tons of pins on Pinterest, posts on blogs, and articles in magazines about cleaning schedules and setting routines to have a successful day. I just haven't been able to nail the perfect one on the head for me yet.

I'll go ahead and answer my own question by saying these are the things I would love to accomplish everyday (in my current place in life):
  • Quiet time in prayer and my Bible
  • Exercise
  • Some cleaning/housework
  • Blog --> Whether it be writing, networking, or behind-the-scenes work
  • Tasks to help me accomplish my search for a part-time job
  • Helping the boys with school work, filling out school paperwork
  • Downtime (Reading, Pinterest, dreaming, decorating our new home)

Now for the fun part... Audience participation! I would love for the comment section of this post to be a place for discussion. What would a perfect "normal" day look like for you? How do you accomplish things you feel like you need to everyday? Do you do the things you enjoy first (and hope for a Dave Ramsey style snowball effect) or do you follow the "Eat That Frog" mentality? Are you the type of person who thrives on staying busy or do you struggle with motivation? Do you have any links to blog posts or online articles that helped you get on track? Seriously, no matter what life stage you're in or how easy or silly or crazy your answers may be, you never know who you may help by sharing, so please, share away!

I'm super anxious to get some feedback on this one!

Hope you guys have a great day, no matter how perfect or not perfect it turns out to be!


  1. this is something I have been praying about and working on as well!
    what has helped me is really trying to schedule my time/week and then pray for God's help to focus on it! (i tend to get distracted!)
    sundays, i try to look at the week as a whole and plan out meals, appointments, etc. then each morning i try to look at the day and see what will work. getting up early, while it isn't always easy (& requires lots of coffee) has really helped with it because i can have quiet time (literally and spiritually) and then assess the day. a cleaning schedule helps keep the tasks minimal each day. also, having goals for the week/day help as well. basically a to-do list! i like to incorporate the enjoyable tasks with the not as enjoyable tasks. maybe clean for 30 minutes to an hour and then read on a book… that type thing. i love schedules/planners/to-do lists/etc! so glad you posted this! :)


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